On-Hold Message Recording, Audio Recording, and More

At Zero-In, we understand just what a powerful, intimate, and (most importantly) effective form of communication audio messaging can be when executed properly. The right on-hold message recording won’t just stall for time while a customer waits for the next available representative. It will captivate them. Move them. Motivate them to pick your business above all others.
THIS is the type of benefit we know you want from your on-hold message recording and at Zero-In, we want to bring it to you in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Our team of passionate and professional audio engineers at Zero-In can offer a lightning fast turnaround time on the broadcast quality content you need when you need it the most. Using a wide range of different voice-over actors, read styles, and other techniques, we can bring your message to life for a whole new audience.
The best part of all is that all of our services are powered by cloud technology. This means that any adjustment you need to make, be it swapping out on-hold voice recordings for alternatives, or making any other changes you need, can be done in seconds thanks to our web-based content management system.

On-Hold Recording Done Your Way

All of our audio production services are built from the ground up with your specific industry in mind. We know that retail businesses have different needs than hospitality businesses, which themselves are wildly different from something like a financial institution. On-hold voice recordings that work for one industry will be woefully inadequate for the next, which is why we NEVER take a “one size fits all” approach to our services.

On-Hold Recording to the Extreme

Oftentimes, the first impression between a customer and your business WON’T be when they talk to a customer service representative on the phone – it’ll be the few minutes before that, while they’re waiting on hold for the next available person to help them out. For those situations, you need just the right on-hold message recording to get things off on the right foot and to help make sure that first impression is the most powerful one that it can be.
Whether you want to record custom on-hold voice recordings on a regular basis to insert in between traditional music or you’ve got something a little more forward thinking in mind, our on-hold voice recordings from Zero-In will help take your vision and execute it in the best possible way – guaranteed.

Zero-In: On-Hold Voice Recordings and Beyond

At Zero-In, we understand that you’re not just trying to run ANY business – you’re trying to run a business that is different from every other one in your same industry. As a result, you not only have your own unique challenges that you face on a daily basis, but also a very precise target audience you’re trying to communicate with. Between our on-hold message recording services, like on-hold recording, general audio recordings, and more, we believe this puts us in an ideal position to help you accomplish exactly that. If you’d like to find out additional information about our on-hold recording solutions, or about any of our other audio recording services, please don’t delay – contact Zero-In today for more information.