Robots Help in the Corona Virus Battle

Boston Dynamics, the engineering and robotics design firm based in Massachusetts, has shared progress and videos of its most well-known creation, Spot, for years. Sometimes funny or even frightening, these videos highlight the feats spot can perform, including opening doors and running up stairs. Now, Spot is taking on a different challenge, COVID-19.

Telemedicine isn’t a new concept. Telemedicine is generally the practice of using modern technology and HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tools to consult with and diagnose patients. The use of telemedicine has become more prominent, especially now with social distancing protocols and travel restrictions in place. 

While hospital workers continue to be on the frontlines of the Covid-19 battle, Boston Robotics has announced that it has already deployed Spot in one Boston hospital with plans to expand its use. Spot has been roaming the halls of Brigham and Women’s hospital fitted with an iPad and communication device, doctors are able to check in with patients without the risk of contamination. There are future plans for Spot to have its own capabilities for checking temperature, pulse rate, and other vital signs, continuing to evolve the robot as a medical device.

As we all adjust to a very different world with the emergence of COVID-19, we continue to see companies adapt and help in meaningful ways. From a robot used for simple tasks and entertainment, to a meaningful instrument used to help in the care of people, we’re looking forward to future evolutions of Spot and other technology.