Interactive Digital Signage

As time marches on, customers are beginning to demand more than just a passive experience from the organizations they do business with. Thanks to the advent of mobile phones, tablets, and similar devices, people expect to play an important role in their own lives and now, thanks to Zero-In and our interactive display solutions, and other interactive digital signage options, you can do all this and more.  Whether you’re looking for interactive displays or the types of interactive digital signage options that will have your audience coming back for more, Zero-In has you covered. If you’re interested in learning about our interactive displays or any of our other marketing and communications products, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.

Interactive Kiosks

 Engage Customers in a Brand New Way

One of the most important benefits of the interactive displays offered by Zero-In is that they help you create a truly unique, enjoyable, and user-friendly experience that your customers won’t be able to forget.  Nobody likes waiting in line at a bank just to ask the next available teller for more information about current rates. Now, with an interactive display, they don’t have to. Every piece of data they need is just a few quick finger taps away. How about turning your existing catalogue of merchandise into a fully immersive experience, allowing customers to use an interactive display to look up all of the seasons hottest new additions to your inventory? With interactive digital signage, this is no longer a dream – it is very much a reality, effective immediately.

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Interactive Digital Signage and the Tablet Revolution

Since Apple’s iPad burst onto the scene a few years ago, tablets have become an important part of our daily lives. People are used to receiving information in this way, and their experience with your business should certainly be no exception.  From the privacy of their own personal little corner of your story, clients can navigate a tablet (which they’re likely already familiar with) to find all the information they need at a moment’s notice. Don’t have enough staff on hand to meet demand at your local restaurant? Don’t worry! Use an Apple iPad (we’re proud Apple partners) to help pick up the slack and let people place orders at their own convenience. Do you want people to be able to look up and place reservations from any point in your hotel’s lobby, not just at a manned station? Interactive displays like tablets can be a great way to shatter both your lines and expectations in one fell swoop.

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Specialty Products

Interactive Displays

In addition to helping you pick out the right interactive display hardware, as well as helping you install it and implement it in the most effective way possible, you’ll be pleased to know that all of our solutions are also powered by the cloud. This means that any adjustments you need to make regarding what is playing, when and in front of whom, can be done quickly and easily with our web-based content management system. Additionally, we’re incredibly pleased to provide application development services to help you come up with a truly unique, organic approach that elevates your communications power beyond your wildest dreams.

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