All the Updates You Could Ever Need

Thanks to the mobile revolution and the digital world in which we now live, people have grown accustomed to the break-neck pace at which information tends to travel over World Wide Web. People no longer wait until the morning to read the local newspaper with their customary cup of coffee – if something important is going on that they feel they need to know, they need to know it NOW. Thanks to Zero-In, now your business can get in on the action with digital feeds and updates for your digital signage hardware. Rest assured that if something is making headlines, it’s also making its way to your screens at the exact same time.


On the Lighter Side

Depending on your target audience, something like financial news may not be quite what they’re after. Sure, BloombergTV may be a perfect option for a bank lobby, but other environments may require a bit of a lighter approach. For those types of situations, Zero-In has you covered. You can make your own private network as fun and as exciting as possible by way of lighter content like today’s horoscopes, trivia games, lottery number information and more. You can even be fun AND educational with options like “This Day in History,” “Born on This Day” and beyond. Regardless of exactly what you’re looking for, daily updates with a steady stream of relevant information are one of the best ways to not only keep viewers watching what you want them to, but to keep them coming back for more at the exact same time. It really doesn’t get much better (or easier) than that!


Zero-In: Your Friend in Premium Digital Signage Content

Regardless of the type of audience you’re trying to serve, digital feeds and updates with a steady stream of timely, accurate information are by far one of the best ways to deepen your connection and expand your relationship across the board. To find out more information about our digital feeds and updates, along with all of our other digital content and digital signage services, please feel free to contact Zero-In today.