Our Pick for Top 5 Gadgets of 2019

2019 was yet another great year for the tech industry. Here’s a quick roundup of some of our favorite gadgets launched in the last 12 months and why they were great.

Bose Frames

Music giant Bose released their wearable tech this past year which allows you to listen to through the frame of your glasses. It’s the first audio-only AR product of its kind and has a stylish and sleek design that protects your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

As this product is so new their sound quality isn’t as good as that of the AirPod Pro’s, but it’s still a cool gadget and it’ll be interesting to see how Bose develops the product in the coming years. Who knows, this could be the first in a major trend.

DJI Mavic Mini

Launched just last month, the Mavic Mini was DJI’s latest drone offering. After new legislation was announced in the States and the UK and that all drones over 250g had to be registered with the FAA and CAA respectively, DJI created a tech-heavy new drone that just bypasses this limit.

Weighing in at 249g, it still provides pretty awesome picture quality with 2.7k HD recording capabilities and a 12MP camera. It even has an impressive 18 minute flight time.

The price was what also caught our attention; at just $399, this drone is almost half the price of the Mavic Air and is a solid upgrade from its predecessor, the DJI Spark, which will soon be phased out.

One Plus 7 Pro

As one of the top phones currently on the market, the One Plus 7 Pro

has one of the highest quality cameras ever on a smartphone; 48 megapixels with am aperture of f1.6 and three built in rear cameras.

The lack of external storage might deter some people from purchasing it, especially because of how large the picture files are. But with a standard 256GB of internal storage and 8GB RAM, you likely won’t need any extra space for a while and are sure to have some great speeds even when using large apps.

The One Plus 7 Pro also lacks a notch in the display for the front-facing camera. The camera instead retracts from the edge when you need it. Starting at just $499, it’s a fraction of the price of the iPhone 11.

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple launched their AirPods Pro back in October with a sleeker look and some major improvements on their original model. Not only is the sound quality better, they’ve been designed with a seal around the ear canal which keeps them in place and significantly reduces background noise.

Sure, the AirPods Pro come in at $50 more than the originals, but with the upgrades Apple made it makes the slight price hike worth it. Users seem to think so too anyway, as they’re now completely sold out in some countries until after the holidays.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Long gone are the days where smartwatches are bulky and look more like a plastic fitness tracker than a day to day watch. The Galaxy Smartwatch is sleek, has customizable straps and has an impressive four day battery life.

Though it doesn’t support WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, you can still receive texts, control Spotify and initiate calls. In addition to this, its fitness tracker allows you to easily select one of 6 activities and monitors your heartrate throughout.