System Overview

The LED signage seen in the entrance of the KMC building is powered by a Zero-In Scala Player. This player is running a locally cached webclip that checks in to Content Manager every 10 minutes for updates, or modifications made in the CRM.

The platform for managing the content on this signage can be found here:

This interface is designed for use in Chrome, other browsers are not fully supported. Login credentials are managed by Zero-In. To add new users, request your credentials or for assistance, please contact

Tutorial Videos

The below tutorial videos overview the general functionality of the platform. The current content consists of the following rotation or loop:
• A category header (i.e. “How do we create value?”) matching corresponding images from a pre-selected image cache, in random order.
• A category quote, which consists of an intro blurb, quote text and person attributed to. This also randomly matches to images from a pre-selected cache.


If you need assistance with the update platform, or the content is not displaying correctly, please reach out to

For support issues, including a dark screen or network connectivity issues, please reach out to