Why We Love Projection Mapping!

And why you’ll love it too

Whether through TV commercials, website banners, and even billboards, we’re exposed to hundreds – if not thousands – of advertisements every day. It gets to the point where we really don’t notice them, which defeats their whole purpose. This is why businesses are constantly looking for ways to get people’s attention. Enter projection mapping.


What is projection mapping?

Though a relatively new term, projection mapping actually dates back about 50 years. It is a technology that allows 3D images to be projected onto anything; a flat surface isn’t required. A mainstay at many NBA games and other sporting events, projection mapping is starting to be used by businesses to create temporary ads on buildings and other structures.


Why is projection mapping becoming so popular?

Limitless potential

Projection mapping is proving to be an exceptional way to get people to take notice. Whatever static or moving images or colors a company wants to project, the sky’s the limit. And when that projection is dozens or hundreds of stories tall, there’s almost no chance someone won’t see it. To celebrate the Super Bowl in 2014, the Macy’s building in Manhattan became the backdrop for a football show watched by millions.


Little set up required

Another big benefit of projection mapping is that the only thing that’s really needed is the projector. Because anything can be the canvas, there is no need to deal with any other equipment. This allows the entire operation to be set up quickly. And when the show is over, the projector can easily be transported somewhere else.


Any surface will do

While projection mapping looks great on the side of a building, that building doesn’t need to be flat or even rectangular, for that matter. A few years ago, the Sydney Opera House in Australia was used to promote an art festival, and the results were stunning. And because there is so much possibility, companies do not have to alter their projections based on what surfaces are available.



With any traditional ad, such as a poster or billboard, when it goes up, it can’t be changed. Whatever is on there has to stay on there until something replaces it. But with projection mapping, things can be changed with the press of a button. That’s one of the best things about it; even if somebody has seen a projection, because it can change so quickly, this gives them more incentive to take another look.  


Want to create a memorable showcase for your business?

With so much competition, companies have to come up with innovative ways to promote themselves, and projection mapping can be a very effective tactic. To learn more about it and how your business can use it, get in touch with Zero-In. We can help you put together a digital experience that will get people excited. To get started, give us a call at 888-260-7291.