Digital Signage for Schools: Superior Options for Superior Institutions

Almost more so than any other industry, educational institutions like colleges and universities have a pressing need to keep their students and employees up-to-date with accurate information at all times. However, the constant barrage of data in these high-stakes environments can make things challenging on the best of days. Every day, both students and faculty are inundated with hundreds of notifications, reminders, alerts, and updates – making the task of getting timely, accurate information into the hands of the people who need it the most something of an uphill battle. Now, thanks to Zero-In’s web-based school digital signage message distribution system, you finally have access to the real time university digital signage solution for communication that you’ve been waiting for.

The Next Level of University Digital Signage

Zero-In installs school digital signage for educational institutions all throughout buildings and campuses, allowing you to have one simple and technologically advanced way to show daily content to your faculty and staff. With our solutions you can instantly post updates about things like Class schedules, School events, Registrar and bursar information, Student government information, Organization sign-up information, Intramurals, Job Fairs, Transportation and shuttle schedules, Security and safety alerts and notifications and so much more.  Our school digital signage options also allow easy integration with your existing social media feeds, meaning that getting that important late-breaking piece of information out to the widest possible audience can be as simple as posting an update on Facebook or sending out a tweet on Twitter!

Education Digital Signage

At Zero-In, our university digital signage system is also built from the ground up to integrate with your existing industry class and event systems for real- time class data. Information like class names, times, meeting room locations, and even professors can all be updated at a moment’s notice. You can integrate your school digital signage with campus security systems for real-time security alerts, not only help to increase the effectiveness of your message but also help to keep people as safe as possible at all times.