Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants Have Arrived

One of the biggest challenges about getting your message out to the widest possible audience in the food-service industry is just how frequently that message changes. Helping your customers stay informed on things like daily menu items, pricing and item descriptions, nutritional value, and more is a constant challenge as none of that data is written in stone. At the same time, it’s always important to remember that your environment matters – bombarding your customers with an overflow of information is a great way to destroy the comforting and welcoming atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to build.  Now, thanks to our state-of-the-art digital menu board software, Zero-In is proud to offer a wide range of digital menu boards for restaurants and similar options that will shatter these challenges now and for all time.

Digital Menu Board Software and Beyond

Zero-In is incredibly proud to offer a wide range of different options for your restaurant that will let you take complete control over the flow of information from the ground up. Our digital menu boards allow you to eliminate any and all food service headaches in one fell swoop with a central, web-based management system. Do you have a new food item you want to promote or a new special you’re trying to get the word out about? You can do all this and more in seconds.  Our digital menu boards for restaurants can also easily integrate with your existing point of sale system, allowing for not only real-time updates and even customer queuing, but also the automation of a process that used to take quite a bit of time out of your busy schedule.

Restaurant Digital Signage

All of our restaurant digital signage solutions are cloud-based. This means that if you suddenly want to add or remove a new item from the menu or have a pressing need to make any other change both large and small, you can do so in seconds in the easiest and most accurate way possible.

Licensed and Overhead Music

In addition to our digital menu boards for restaurants, we also offer advanced audio and music solutions for you to use to create the best environment possible. Let your customers listen to a steady stream of rock, country, classical music and more, both while they’re dining in, and even while they’re on hold over the phone!

Learn more here:  Licensed and Overhead Music

On Hold Messaging

When callers pick the up the phone to make a reservation or place a delivery order, why not use the short-time on hold to market your hours, specials and catering services!  The Zero-In On Hold Phone messaging is easy to use and sounds great!

Learn more here:  On Hold Messaging

Interactive Displays and Tablets

If you’re running a quick-service establishment like a deli, a cafeteria, or casual restaurant, you’ll love pairing our digital menu boards with one of our interactive display or iPad solutions.  Let diners browse the menu, learn about the ingredients, check reviews and even order and pay right from the kiosk!  

Learn more here:  Interactive Displays and Kiosks