See Corporate Communications in a Whole New Light With Corporate Digital Signage

One of the challenges associated with properly communicating with both employees and clients in a corporate environment comes down to the bombardment of digital messaging that everyone is subjected to on a daily basis. At any given moment, you’re battling for their attention with smartphones, tablets, the internet and more — all of which can equate to hundreds of notifications, reminders, alerts and updates on a daily basis. Thanks to Zero-In’s web-based communications message distribution system, you now have the real-time solution for communications that you need when you need it the most.

The Power of the Cloud

Perhaps the most significant advantage you get from corporate digital signage and communications tools from Zero-In comes by way of the fact that every last one of our solutions is powered by the cloud. Any changes that you need to make, regardless of how large or small, can be effortlessly executed in a matter of seconds. Don’t like your current overhead music or think that your on-hold music could use an adjustment? There is nothing getting in the way from making decisions like these any longer.   The Zero-In design team works corporate communicaiton teams to create templates, metric dashboard backgrounds and other content that is critical for communicating corporate information to employees throughout the building, or other offices globally.At Zero-In, we want to revolutionize communications in terms of your corporate environment for all time and for the better. To find out more about our digital signage corporate options, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Corporate Digital Signage

We specialize in digital signage corporate solutions that can bring your message to a whole new audience throughout corporate campuses and public spaces, such as lobbies, elevator banks, inside elevators, break rooms, warehouses and beyond. Our corporate digital signage system gives you an easy way to show important information like CEO messages, metrics and dashboard information, company news band bulletins, HR notices, job postings, security alerts.