Hire the professionals.

With zeroin you can be assured that you are getting the top experts in the industry. Our installation specialists know construction and our certified IT professionals that speak the language of your IT department – this allows for zeroin to seamlessly walk you through the entire project life cycle.

But it doesn’t stop there. World class data centers with 24/7 monitoring ensures that your network has the support it needs after the launch date. With remote on-site support zeroin clients can have the confidence that they have the experts behind them to support both their IT team and end users.

Yes, we can even keep your CFO happy! We understand that media networks are an investment. With every new project and client comes different budget limitations and we have financing options to meet most client’s needs. You will be amazed how easy our flexible financing options can make it for you to finally get that media network installed.

Proper design and installation begins and ends with experienced professionals. Work must be managed, and precious resources like time and money must be protected.


This is where the rubber meets the road, where no other companies can compete.

Custom Software

Zeroin is a leading Scala digital signage software integrator with decades of experience.


We work with you to develop the right soundtrack that your customers can relate to.

Device Integration

We deliver a message anywhere, from on a menu, to high above Times Square.


Your message to consumers has the potential to connect, build trust, and ultimately change behavior.


Our installation specialists know construction.


With zeroin you can be assured that you are getting the top experts in the industry.