Hot New Tech from CES 2020

The Consumer Electronic Show, more commonly known as CES, 2020 saw the unveiling of a whole lot of strange and otherwise unique new technologies, as well as some exciting new upgrades to existing tech. Every year, CES shows us a glimpse of the future. While many of the gadgets displayed are prototypes that may never see the light of day again in their existing form, it’s a really cool event that gives us a state-of-the-industry overview for many different products.

LG’s OLED Wave

LG showcased an impressive mega-screen that was made up of a whopping 200 55” screens spanning a length of 82 feet. The colossal display was made up entirely of their rollable screens, an invention that LG has showcased at previous CES’s.

Being surrounded by vibrant, flexible screens provided CES-goers with a unique experience that might not be so rare in the next few years.

Hyundai S-A1 Air Taxi

Although this isn’t the first air taxi to grace the CES, it’s the first by a major car manufacturer—with juggernaut Uber at their side. The two propose a system by which you get to and from take-off points via small “iconic” pod cars.

However, as Elon Musk has previously pointed out, flying cars would produce a lot of noise and a lot of wind, much like a helicopter. That would be extremely annoying and unpractical, so we’ll take this concept vehicle with a grain of salt for the time being.

Samsung’s New Bezel-less 8K TV

8K technology is still very young, but Samsung has already made an option that is 99% screen on its front surface. The speakers are located on the back of the display, which is impressively thin, especially considering the fact that they were able to squeeze in an improved 8K content processor.

It includes AI machine learning that analyzes video to produce the best possible display for it, as they say, which also works to enhance 1080p and 4K content. With this release, Samsung is setting a new standard for TV screens.

Charmin TP Delivery Bot

Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Charmin unveiled a robot whose only purpose is to deliver you toilet paper. It’s a small, cutesy design that rolls around on two wheels to provide TP on demand. Here’s a video.

10 Second Toothbrush

The Y Brush is a toothbrush that’s in the shape of your teeth. For it to work, you bite down on it and the whole thing vibrates, allowing its many bristles to clean your teeth. Y Brush claims to adequately clean your teeth in just 10 seconds—five for the top row and another five for the bottom. You do have to take it out and flip it over, but that’s still extremely fast.

It’s on sale now for $125. The only problem with this product is that it doesn’t reach the spots at the back of your four end-molars. It’s obviously essential to clean those areas too, so this could be handy as more of a quick-brush option if you’re running late. As long as you don’t become lazy and default to using it every time, it should be a really neat tool to have.

If you want to hear more about the many cool new gadgets from CES, check out their website.