Fitness in the Digital Age: Offer Personalized Training for all Your Fitness Members

With fitness digital signage, there’s a new way to train

People have been working out for thousands of years, but things have certainly changed since the Spartans were molded into skilled warriors by hefting logs and stones. Now, health and fitness are lifestyle choices and fitness centers are commonplace.

One of the hardest things about getting into fitness is starting. If you’ve never worked out before, the intimidating machines and soreness you feel after one workout can be disheartening. That’s where personal trainers come in. They teach club goers how to safely use the equipment and come up with plans personalized to the customer. And fitness digital signage is a way for your club to take this helpful relationship to the next level.

Fitness digital signage: A digital age solution

A problem with personal trainers is that they can be expensive. However, this can all change by adding digital signage boards to your fitness center. Imagine a customer walking in, being able to press a few buttons on a board, and walking away with a workout plan personalized just for them—you’re probably seeing increased member engagement just thinking about it.

We live in a digital world and it’s time to embrace it. Sure, some people are still going to want a personal trainer to push them to do those last few pushups, but not everyone wants, needs, or can afford that. Some members just need to be pointed in the right direction.

How it works

Picture this: a customer walks into your fitness center and is at a total loss of where to begin. They walk up to a club digital signage board and see personalized fitness plans (plans that can be changed daily, hourly, or right on the spot by club management through the Zero-In Cloud-based portal).

They decide what they want to work on that day – let’s say legs and abs, or full-body circuit training. After answering a few questions about themselves, they have a plan for the day, complete with which equipment they will need to use (along with how to use it), safety instructions, directions on where in the club they need to go, and step by step pointers on what they need to do.

By adding fitness digital signage and offering personalized training instructions for your members, you will further your:

  •       Credibility
  •       Training availability for your members
  •       Openness to having employees on hand as a resource
  •       Machine availability (due to proper and efficient use)

Personalized training with fitness digital signage can transform your club and the customers that go there to work out. Want to learn more? Click here to learn how Zero-In can help take your fitness center to the next level.