How Digital Displays Connect with Viewers

Interactive digital signage improves the customer experience

Signage is not what it used to be – from either a strategic or a creative standpoint. Instead of a stagnant print sign hanging in a single spot with one message, interactive digital signage allows businesses and advertisers limitless opportunities for direct engagement with their customers and audiences. Mobile, tablet, and touchscreen technologies offer a new communication channel that can actually develop a relationship with the end-user. How? Let’s take a look.


  • Digital signage can be interactive


Digital displays can encourage participation from the viewer. As a rule of thumb, you want to always include a call to action that will make the user engage with the content and participate in the conversation. What do you want your audience to do after reading the digital sign? Share a promo? Provide their information? Learn more online? Follow your social channels? When your message specifically requests an action, users are more inclined to respond accordingly.


  • It’s educational and informative


Businesses big and small have commonly-asked questions they hear every day from their customers and visitors. The traditional way of answering these questions would be through sales materials and human beings. With digital signage, interested or confused users can find the answers on their own. By implementing interactive kiosks, tablets, or signs around your place of business, users can find the information they’re looking for by clicking a few buttons or simply looking up. And if they can’t find the answer they seek, the interactive signs can direct them to someone who can.


  • It’s customized and personalized


Digital signage creates ROI if it drives more attention and retention. But this only works if the content and messaging connect with the viewers in a personal way. The first step to accomplishing this is by having a deep understanding of who your audience is and what their needs are. Only then can you leverage this information to customize your welcome message, promotions, and information to trigger an emotional response that will resonate with your viewers. Something as simple as leveraging certain fonts or colors can be incredibly effective in connecting with your target audience – but the specific value of the information is far more important. By personalizing your messaging to communicate in a relevant way, you exponentially amplify the message.


  • It can be fun and games


Beyond promotion or providing information, digital signage can also be a source of entertainment. Digital signs can be transform into giant game boards, puzzles, or even quizzes. Visitors love controlling content and creating a custom experience; providing these games makes the user connect this experience with your brand.

With so much competition for a viewer’s attention, especially when all content competes with the smartphone, it can be tough to gain, much less sustain, someone’s attention. Interactive digital signage gives brands the opportunity to provide a unique and personal experience in which the audience feels in control of the material, while the advertiser reaps the reward of delivering the right messaging at the right time.

If you’re unsure where to start or how to best take advantage of digital signage for your business, let Zero-In walk you through the options.