Digital Banking Tools to Enhance Customer Experience

A look at Zero-In’s bank digital signage solutions


Today’s technology is transforming the banking experience for customers in ways most couldn’t have imagined even 4-5 years ago. Innovative devices are bringing the online experience into branches, offering new conveniences and ways to educate customers about financial matters, new programs and services, and even help strengthen community relations.


Zero-In offers many solutions to create a user-friendly experience for all of your customers’ banking needs. From digital signage and interactive displays to video walls and teller line displays, we use state-of-the-art technology to bring a new message to your audience. Our tools are tailored to fit each bank’s unique needs, from remote branch offices to large regional headquarters. The best thing about Zero-In technology is that we use cloud-based solutions for all of our tools. That means everything can be easily managed in real-time and across many different locations.


Zero-In Digital Solutions


Bank Digital Signage, Video Walls, Window Projections & Outdoor Displays


Banks are no longer limited to posters and brochures to tell customers about new programs and services. Now, you can broadcast the latest offerings and news to everyone who comes inside the bank. You might also display logo animations or the bank’s latest postings on social media channels. Of course, you’re not limited to only the people inside. Window displays, window projections and outdoor displays are great ways to promote your brand and attract new customers.


Interactive Displays, Kiosks & iPads


Interactive is the name of the game, no matter what kind of business you’re talking about. These displays offer convenience by helping customers find information while they’re waiting. Interactive tools can be used in a variety of ways; from helping them set up online or mobile banking tools to educating them about financial matters. Customers can check credit scores, find out about average home prices in the area in which they want to buy, watch a video offering tips on how to boost the value of a home, or learn what to watch out for in a home inspection.


Digital Coffee Tables, Teller Line Displays & Drive Up Displays


Now, you can better target customers no matter where they are in the bank. What better way to catch the attention of a “captive” audience than to promote daily messages while they’re waiting, either in line or in the lobby? Offer financial tips, digital brochures, or even allow customers to play games or look at YouTube videos.


Ad Free TV, Community Walls & Digital Rate Boards


Build your own private TV network that incorporates your branded marketing. You can also use technology to build community awareness and let people know about important events that your bank sponsors, from Little League teams to corporate walks and charity fundraisers. Digital Rate Boards can display all your current rates in real-time, with tools that make it easy to update the information on a daily basis.


If you’re looking to step up your customers’ experience with digital signage for banks, Zero-In can help. Call us at 888.260.7291 to get started.