Zero-In Project Makes the News!

Zero-In was recently commissioned to design the technological aspects of McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union’s high-touch Financial Wellness Center in Lower Manhattan, New York City. The Financial Wellness Center boasts 6 media players and 7 digital displays, 3 of which are custom-mounted 32” touch screen kiosks.

The 75” display, 46” display and two 55” displays digitize the credit unions marketing materials, advertising their products and services, as well as current marketing promotions. The digital displays also feature Bloomberg financial news and videos, providing timely and relevant financial information to the credit union’s members.


On the touch screen kiosks in the Financial Wellness Center, people can drag and drop financial goals such as “I need a bigger house” or “I had my car break down” onto a calendar to plot a path to achieving their dreams. Those who use the software receive email copies of their roadmaps and can meet with the credit union’s personal financial consultants to discuss. They can also view educational content on the kiosks via the Financial Wellness University. Here is some great press in American Banker and Reuters regarding our project with McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union:

Link to American Banker Article

Link to Reuters Article


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