Simplify Your Digital Communication System with Verizon Cellular Networks

The Zero-In digital media solution is 100% cloud-based, which means your network will require a connection to the internet. Any connection will suffice, be it your own internal network, an outside DSL or cable network. But what happens if there is no existing internet available at your location or it is too costly to implement a wired or WiFi network? How about if your IT department mandates that your media network is separate from your corporate network due to their security policy? No problem. Another increasingly popular option is mobile broadband! Just like your cell phone or tablet, which can connect to the internet through a mobile broadband connection, the Zero-In Verizon Private Network provides a similar solution by using a commercial grade modem to connect your media player to our server through a 3G/4G connection. Often, a mobile network is the quickest way to install a digital communication system since all you need is power on the wall! Once you power on the player and display, you can immediately begin scheduling content over the Scala content management system. As a Verizon Wireless partner, Zero-In creates customized pooled data plans across all devices and locations on your network, and then offers connectivity as a bundled data plan. With modern compression rates most digital signage content is fairly small in size, so data plans can be extremely affordable and competitive with other solutions like a dedicated DSL and/or cable service.


Features of Verizon Wireless Private Network

  • Zero-In manages control over your devices and network
  • Isolating your data helps avoid the inherent risks of unsolicited traffic from the public internet
  • Zero-In authorizes which subscribers can send and receive traffic
  • Zero-In manages control over device access to the internet and applications

Easy deployment and management

  • No need to deploy and manage complicated device configurations to establish network connectivity
  • Gain private network access wherever there is Verizon Wireless coverage
  • The Verizon Wireless Private Network infrastructure is completely scalable. As you identify new needs, Zero-In can quickly provision additional devices for access.
  • Stop wrestling with your IT team over security and firewall settings. And who needs the additional headache of contracting separately for broadband?

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