Touch Screens are so Cool! Should We Get One?

Touch screens, also known as interactive displays, are becoming increasingly common in retail environments. Consumers have come to expect some degree of interactivity in their daily lives due to the widespread use of mobile devices. There are several advantages to interactive screens for retail customers, but you should consider the function these screens will serve before deciding to install interactive displays at your location. 

Interactive displays are eye-catching and they command attention. They create a “wow” factor that expresses the technical prowess of the organization that utilizes them. This tends to be the main reason why marketing and retail professionals are interested in installing them in the first place. They can also be used to engage, entertain and educate customers, which can lead to increased customer confidence, trust, brand loyalty and sales.

It is necessary to think carefully, however, about how these touch screens will be used before planning their installation. For example, banks, credit unions and other financial service providers need to protect the privacy of their customers/members. A 40” touch screen that displays account balances in the middle of the lobby will not be appreciated! But that’s not to say you should scrap the idea of interactivity all together. An interactive kiosk may be a better solution in this case.  

Kiosks, while similar to touch screens, are different in both appearance and function. Kiosks  are self-standing units that offer consumers a truly unique, user-friendly experience. They often house a small to medium sized touch screen, but are used as self-service systems. From the privacy of their own personal space, consumers can navigate a video screen to access product or service information, or use it to make a transaction to avoid long lines and busy personnel. Whatever the reason, the experience can be a fun and engaging way to interact with the brand while fulfilling a need.

In addition to providing a seamless, engaging experience for the customer and creating a tech savvy feel in retail spaces, touch screens and kiosks give many benefits to the organizations that use them as well. As previously mentioned, the increased trust and loyalty felt by people interacting with your brand can ultimately lead to increased leads and sales. Also, interactive displays can be used instead of hiring additional employees, which could save you thousands of dollars each year.    

Interactive displays of all shapes and sizes are available with features such as motion detection, automated pressure sensors and, of course, touch screens. Consequently, there is likely a good fit for every consumer-facing business. Customers are coming to expect interactivity as part of their marketing experience. The organizations that recognize this need are perceived as listening by customers. And when customers feel listened to, they become advocates for your brand. Not a bad thing, especially when you consider the power they have to shape your future.

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