Tips of the Trade: Rethinking Content

Digital signage is quickly becoming the norm in retail environments. A broad spectrum of other industries are adopting digital communication systems as well. No matter your industry and audience, it’s important not to let the cool factor of the displays distract you from what should be your primary concern, content. You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again – content is king. Your message to consumers has the potential to engage, connect, build trust and ultimately change behavior. It can also easily careen off their fragile attention spans and go shooting off into space with your hard-earned advertising dollars in its wake. Customizing your content with a Zero-In solution can be that difference. To entertain and interact with your audience, build a content network rather than simply recreating posters and flyers in a digital format. But where to begin? If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of adding yet another project to your plate, don’t fret! We’re here to help you along the way. Here are five tips from to get you started and keep your content relevant and fresh:

  • HAVE A PLAN: Create a digital content strategy and plan what your customers/members want to see, how you will show this, how long it will be relevant for and how often it will change. Having a plan of attack is the first step in creating an amazing digital network. Want to chat about it? Give us a call at 888.260.7291. We’re happy to help you build your plan.

  • WORK WITH EXPERTS: Creating content that’s fit for purpose and suits the environment and screen configuration is key to successful content integration. Simply taking static content or video from your website and stretching it across the screen is not acceptable if you want to be taken seriously as an innovator. Partner with the digital content experts at Zero-In. We understand how the technology works.

  • UPDATE REGULARLY: Just like a website, you need to create fresh content regularly so your audience doesn’t get bored. Content should always be relevant and seasonal to ensure you get maximum ROI. Of course, we can give you ideas for new content whenever you need it. Just call 888.260.7291 to speak with our digital content experts.

  • THINK OUTSIDE THE SQUARE: Create content that’s not traditional for digital signage. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries to create content that is both artistic and functional. You can lead in the market. Just remember to keep your end goal in mind.

  • INTEGRATE: Include other digital platforms like social media to create more diversity, user generated content and engagement with your audience. If your customers/members love to share their stories with you, share this with others and integrate this user generated content on your digital signage. We can easily set this up for you. Just let us know!

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