NYC Gone Digital

I can’t think of a better place to live and work than Manhattan considering our line of work in video display technology.  Be it Gannett’s elevator ad networks, cross-river ferry commuter terminals, the CBS subway-topper displays, NBC’s taxicab TV or Times Square, there is no shortage of digital signage in NYC.

Check out this great article from Crain’s this week:  Digital Out-of-Home is certainly coming of age. According to the article above, advertisers are spending $300K to $400K a month to reach the 35 million visitors who come to Times Square annually.While this is certainly an anomaly, Times Square ad rates, along with rates for the other ad networks throughout the city prove that there is finally a shift in the mind-set of media buyers and planners, who are creating this demand and opportunity. Of course as the article states, there has been a 50% drop in the cost of display technology in the last decade.  As the cost of hardware drops, broadband becomes even more accessible/affordable, and awareness of our medium increases, there will be some really interesting developments that dramatically push our industry forward – it will be an exciting next few years!  

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