Ideas to Refresh Your Digital Content

You’ve installed digital signage displays throughout your retail space, grocery store, fitness club, branch offices, medical center, restaurant or campus. Your screens are strategically placed and your digital content was designed specifically to capture the attention of your audience. Don’t let your investment go to waste by allowing your content to become out-of-date, stale or just plain boring! Displaying digital content that is old or no longer accurate reflects poorly on your organization. People will notice and doubt your credibility as a reliable source of information. Displaying the same content for too long will also cause people to tune out and ignore what’s playing on your screens. Our cloud-based Scala solution allows you to easily update your content in real-time via a cloud-based content management system from anywhere with access to the internet.

Here are some ideas to help you refresh your digital content frequently, which will increase the impact of your digital communication system and engage your audience, no matter what industry you serve.  

  • Custom Templates: Enter and schedule in advance dynamic information into pre-designed video templates with your branding, allowing you to create new content on the fly.
  • Syndicated Content: Display licensed content from top reputable providers such as Bloomberg, NBC, AccuWeather, and CelebTV, free of third-party competitor ads.
  • Daily Feeds & Updates:  Offer the day’s top headlines with compelling images. Zero-In offers licensed content, with or without images, from popular and respected sources.
  • Social Media Integration:Incorporate your pictures, posts and hashtags from popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Rate Board Automation:Pull rates being displayed on your digital displays from your website, freeing up time for your compliance department and front-line staff.
  • Mobile Marketing:Target messaging to people who request information via a subscription opt-in, ensuring communication is welcomed and relevant.
  • Audio Messaging & Music: Create a private radio network, connect with callers on hold, reach shoppers as they browse the aisles, improve the experience of those in the elevator and improve the image of your organization.

If you’re ready to keep your digital content fresh, relevant and engaging, connect with Zero-In today and let’s get started!  

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