Freshen Up Your Digital Content

With warmer weather fast approaching, you may be preparing your home and office for the spring with deep cleaning. Don’t forget to freshen up your digital content as well! Now is a great time to review your playlists to see what content is still relevant or not, and to add new content for upcoming promotions and announcements. In addition to reducing the clutter of paper flyers in your office, store or club, digital content also allows you to cultivate engagement with your audience. It’s imperative, however, that your content is updated regularly to catch and then keep their attention. When the same content is displayed for too long, people see it multiple times while visiting your location and they begin to tune it out. The investment in your screens, installation and content creation is wasted if your audience isn’t paying any attention to your digital displays.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to keep your content fresh. So dust off your old content and use some of these ideas to freshen it up this spring!

  • Current marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Upcoming event announcements
  • Trivia content packs, with topics like sports, holidays and financial
  • Daily feeds and updates, including news, stock quotes, sports scores, community and regional events and your social media posts
  • Holiday closing announcements
  • Refreshing the graphics and copy of your existing promotions for an updated look and feel

Much of your digital content can be automated so it’s being updated regularly without creating extra work for you or your marketing team. Ask us how you can get started with refreshing your digital content now and connect with your audience in a fun, interactive and engaging way this spring!

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