Digitize Your Rate Boards

 You’ve seen them before. You may even have a few in your branches. Dated, unattractive rate boards that need to be manually updated are both an eyesore and a killer of your employees’ most valuable resource: time. Still advertising your rates on copy paper stuck between plexiglass? Or worse, handwritten or manual tiled rate boards? Considering the rate at which technology has advanced in the past 15 to 20 years, this probably isn’t the image you want to portray to your customers or members in 2015 and beyond. So get with the 21st century and digitize your rate boards!


Brochures, Posters and Signs… Oh My!

There are several issues with advertising rates, promotions and even regulatory notices on paper in your branches. Because this type of information changes frequently, we’ll bet you’re going through a lot of paper, which is bad for the environment and your overhead expenses. Also, your marketing and compliance teams must ensure that these documents remain current. So they end up shipping even more paper out to all of your branches, which of course is another expense. Once your branch personnel receive the updated materials, they spend precious time making sure that they are properly displayed in your plexiglass poster holders and brochure racks, when they should be focused on selling your products and services. The manual rate board process also leaves open a lot of room for human error. Digital signage virtually eliminates the need for printed advertisements, announcements and notices in your branches, which saves your institution a lot of money in printing and shipping paper. Also, by going digital, you can automate your rateboards. Your content management system can pull rate data from your website. So once rates are approved and posted on your website, they will automatically display on your in-branch rate boards, leaving your front-line staff more time to do what they do best: serve your customers or members 


Rate Boards Go Interactive

Studies show that consumer expectations are changing regarding in-branch digital signage. What’s the most important technology people want to see in the branch? You guessed it: interactive displays and tablets. So give them what they want and stay on-trend with interactive digital rate boards. You can allow people to:

  • Send an email or contact form to your Loan Officers
  • Get more information on your advertised products
  • Send a digital brochure to their smart phone
  • Compare your rates to those of competing financial institutions
  • View testimonials from others who your organization has helped

Get a New Look This Summer

If you don’t currently have any automated or interactive digital rate boards in your branches, do yourself- and your staff- a favor and get some now. Contact us for more information and to schedule a demo. 

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