Digital Signage in NYC

When living in New York City, you’re exposed to digital signage daily, and multiple times a day at that!

Most seasoned New Yorkers probably don’t notice just how many digital displays they see each day. For visitors, however, it can be quite astonishing, especially if they’re not accustomed to urban areas where out-of-home digital media is more prevalent.


When thinking about the average day in the life of a New Yorker, you’ll realize just how much digital signage is ingrained into daily living. First, as soon as you walk out of the apartment and begin walking down the street, you’re exposed to various forms of digital advertising. There are digital displays at eye level, at bus stops or near subway entrances, and high above on the sides of skyscrapers. This is especially true in the Theatre District on Broadway- known as the “Great White Way”, due to it being one of the first streets in America to be lit with electricity. Or Times Square, where there are special regulations and digital signage requirements to ensure that all advertisements add to the character of the area. In fact, Google has recently launched the largest interactive billboard ever in the heart of Times Square, about a mile from Zero-In headquarters.


You’ll also see a plethora of digital signage when commuting. Whether by train, bus, ferry or cab, you’re surrounded by digital displays showing advertisements, daily news, weather, trivia and entertainment videos. These types of displays serve not only to inform, but also to entertain and pass the time while on-the-go. You may notice a Zero-In screens on the NY Waterway. If you happen to go to an airport, you’ll see digital displays for plane schedules, travel updates and wayfinding. These displays offer essential information for travelers.


Once you arrive at your destination, you will see digital building directories and elevator displays in office buildings for wayfinding and general information. Here, you can obtain a variety of information- everything from the suite number of the client you’re visiting and the quickest way to get there to today’s weather and breaking news. Zero-In interactive digital displays are also featured at Equinox fitness clubs, where members can view daily class schedules and find their way around. 


Shopping at retail stores and dining in restaurants offers even more exposure to digital signs. While browsing, especially in malls and department stores in Manhattan, you’ll see see digital signage, video walls and interactive point-of-sale displays. For very large stores- such as Macy’s in Herald Square and the Manhattan Mall, there is also digital wayfinding, proprietary branding and other general information being shown. These assist shoppers in making informed buying decisions and find what they’re looking for in massive retail environments. In food service establishments, you’ll find menu boards, interactive tablets for placing orders and other point-of-sale displays, which often make ordering food a more enjoyable and relaxed experience. Melt Shop, a fast casual food establishment with locations throughout NYC, recently partnered with Zero-In to deliver captivating content in its shops with digital menu boards.


As you can see, there’s clearly no lack of digital signage in New York City!

To some, it may seem excessive or inordinate. But to the people who thrive in this city, it’s not only a part of life, but an indispensable way to obtain information and navigate through life in NYC.

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