In this world of web connections, where systems talk to other systems, there is no shortage of creative ways to provide better information, faster than ever before. This is obviously nothing new- and as we move into a world of connected homes, cars and beyond, suddenly we have instant access to everything, anywhere. Web connected digital signs, commonly referred to as digital signage, are no exception. It is commonplace now to see displays providing real-time transportation schedules in an airport, current day pricing from a POS system on a menu board in a quick serve restaurant, or the day’s yoga class schedules in a health club.


Union Savings Bank and their marketing agency The Pita Group, however, had a new (and fun!) idea to leverage the communication power of digital signage displays already installed throughout their branch offices. In an effort to engage audiences, particularly Millennials, and incentivize them to open checking accounts, a mobile checking game was developed for both smart phones and tablets. The game challenges players to create as many rows, columns or diagonals of three matching coins as possible within one minute. Players who line up a minimum of one row win $30 when they open a new checking account at Union Savings Bank. In addition, for each day an individual plays the game, he or she earns another entry into weekly drawings to win an Apple iPad. Check out the video here:

It was clear early on that the campaign was going to be wildly successful, and additional creative ways to promote the game began to rise. One way to build on the excitement (and competitive fun) of the game was to incorporate the real-time leaderboard posting on the in-branch digital displays. This same game information, which was available on mobile platforms as well as social media networks, was now front and center for every customer that walked into any of Union Savings Bank’s nearly 30 offices. Each video display in every office would access the game’s real-time data and then post the day’s leaders, as one would expect from any online game. This helped to not only draw attention to the current checking promotion game, but also to the displays in general, which promote other bank products and messaging- because the timely information captured customers’ attention with the live scoring. While we see interesting use cases of our system throughout banking and other industries, this unique application of our web-based signage was exceptionally fun. We had the opportunity to participate in an already brilliant marketing plan, which truly exemplified how to market in this fast-paced digital era. 

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