Country Bank Attracts New Customers with Digital Signage

“Zero-In is easy to work with and delivers the results we need.”

– Carolyn Murphy, VP of Marketing, Country Bank

Client Overview

Founded in 1988, Country Bank has its origins in the rustic setting of Putnam County in Upstate New York. Even after relocating the bank headquarters from Carmel to 42nd Street in the heart of New York City, the name “country” stayed. The notion of a small town feel and warm country atmosphere, amidst the concrete and skyscrapers of Manhattan, is a nice departure from the everyday way of doing business. The bank focuses on meeting its customers financial needs with an air of simplicity.



With the grand opening of its flagship branch, Country Bank wanted eye-catching, attention-grabbing digital signage displays to advertise its products and services. Because the bank was facing competition from mega-banks, it was imperative that they attract new, local customers to ensure success in its new space.


Zero-In provided a total of 7 screens throughout County Bank’s newest flagship branch, including a street facing 3-screen-wide video wall in the main waiting area using ultra-thin Samsung displays. The purpose of the video wall was twofold. It needed to attract new clients passing by the bank, as well as notify existing customers waiting to be served of rate specials. Also in the waiting area, Zero-In installed a single screen featuring BloombergAd-Free TV” financial news which displays fresh Bloomberg TV content without competitive 3rd party advertising. Two displays were also added behind the main teller lines, a major focal point of the branch. Finally, another single display was added in a conference room at the branch.

Zero-In’s design team was charged with developing digital content for all of the displays. Our designers created custom video templates with the bank’s branding, which can be updated and published in real-time. This allows Country Bank to update rates as needed with no delay. We also created a variety of branding videos that help potential and new customers get to know the bank’s values, while setting the warm, friendly atmosphere Country Bank exudes. Zero-In’s cloud-based  Scala content management solution allows Country Bank employees to easily manage their digital content from anywhere on-line. The Scala content management system provides instant  accessibility, drag-and-drop playlist setup and pop-up calendar scheduling. The recently updated user interface boasts a modern look and intuitive functionality.



“When opening our new flagship branch in Manhattan, where we compete with much larger banks, it was important for us to attract new customers. Our street facing video wall drives foot traffic from the street into the branch, while digital signage throughout the branch advertises our products and rates. Our digital communication system helps our associates in their cross-selling and upselling efforts, which has resulted in a boost in our bottom line. Zero-In is easy to work with and delivers the results we need.” – Carolyn Murphy, VP of Marketing, Country Bank

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