Commercial Bank Integrates Community Messaging

Founded in 1890, Suffolk County National Bank (SCNB) is a community bank with branches and regional commercial lending offices serving Long Island, New York.  While SCNB is a commercial bank, focused on serving small and middle market businesses, its relationship-based approach, and its long-term tradition of community involvement are important to the Bank’s brand. In addition to the Bank’s business banking communication that is consistent across all markets, its corporate marketing team also retains the element of “community” that each individual market expects from its local community bank.  SCNB’s service area incorporates densely populated markets such as NYC suburban communities, rural farming communities on the North Fork, and the oceanfront region known as “the Hamptons.”  As such, SCNB marketing initiatives need to be appropriate for a wide variety of neighborhoods and communities.


The communication strategy for this channel includes support of current bank-wide advertising and other marketing initiatives;  communication of SCNB news, events, and information;  and support of not-for-profit organizations that are community specific.  The community-based communication features local charity fundraisers, high school events, seminars, conferences, and services. In any one week the bank may have an American Heart Association fundraiser in one community, a high school play in another, and a regional music festival that incorporates several branch markets.


An easy-to-use, web-based system allows corporate marketing to retain control over all messaging, while also providing the flexibility for local messaging appropriate for different communities within its network. The system consists of pre-designed templates that allows end users to update text and images.  Content can be scheduled in advance to ensure timely promotion and automatic removal so that content is never in jeopardy of being outdated. By providing community news that affects your customers’ friends, families and neighbors, you connect with and engage them. This results in the perception that the word “community,” in community bank,  is not just a word, but is part of the DNA of the organization that is genuinely integrated into the local market. This makes good business sense.  When your clients think about their next business or consumer loan, they will think of  your organization–one they know to be integral to the community that they live in, work in, and value.

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