Biscuits & Bath Digital Signage


From supermarkets, restaurants and ferry terminals, to banks, shopping centers, health clubs and even Times Square we thought we had done it all!  There seemed to be applications for our web-based video platform for virtually every type of industry, regardless of business type or size. When we were approached by Biscuits & Bath, however, a dog care center with nine locations in Manhattan, we realized there were uses for our application that we never had dreamed up when we started our mission of connected messaging over a decade ago! We have lots of fun projects around the country and world, but we admit this one touched us personally as many of our team members are dog owners. We were thrilled to work with a business dedicated to the caregiving of man’s (or woman’s) best friend!  In fact, no one team member was more happy about the new project than Sophie, our office’s Bichon Frise.


Biscuits & Bath’s mission is to work with their clients to positively impact the quality of life of each dog they serve.  They have been the leader and innovator in their industry for over 22 years by relentlessly raising the standard of excellence for dog care and the client experience. They provide the highest level of dog care and client service to more dogs than any other business in the New York City area. Our goal was to create a “Biscuits & Bath” in-store customer messaging network that would be fun, relevant and engaging. And of course, to help cross-sell their wide variety of services such as day care, 24-hour care, dog walking, grooming, training, veterinary care, transportation and retail.  A series of the latest 40” and 46” Samsung thin-bezel LEDs were installed behind each registration desk to target dog owners (and maybe even the dogs!) as they enter each location.  Working with the Biscuits & Bath marketing team, custom branded video content was created for each of the various products and services offered.  Many of the content items were created as templates so that messaging and promotions could be updated quickly in real-time.  Since the network is web-based, the Biscuits & Bath corporate team can log-in from anywhere and update content on the fly.  This helps to ensure that content is fresh and relevant- and therefore delivers a greater impact in the retail environment.

As Biscuits & Bath continues to grow throughout NYC and beyond, we here at Zero-In are glad to see businesses we never envisioned using our technology adapt the solution in their own ways.  Perhaps no one on our team is happier, however, than Sofie.


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