Display Settings

This guide will reference buttons on the standard Samsung remote that shipped with the PM series display. Other Samsung remotes may work but the buttons might not match 100%.



Before continuing with this guide, let’s reset the display to its factory default settings. There are a number of menu options labeled “Reset” but only one will reset settings on all sub-menus.

On your remote, please press:

Menu → “Support” → Reset All


Picture Mode Settings:

On your remote, please press:

Home → “Picture Mode” → Select

Select “Calibration” with the “Video/Image” picture mode


ID Settings:

On your remote, please press:

Home → “ID Settings” → Select

Confirm “PC Connection Cable” is set to “RS232C cable”


Power Control

On your remote, please press:

Home → “System” → “Power Control”:

→ Auto Power On → “On”

→ PC module power → Ignore

→ Max Power Saving → “Off”

→ Standby Control → “Off”

→ Network Standby → “On”

→ Auto Power Off → “Off”


Eco Solution

On your remote please press:

Home → “System” → “Eco Solution”:

→ Energy Saving Mode → “Off”

→ Eco Sensor → “Off”

→ Screen Lamp Schedule → ”Off”

→ No Signal Power Off → “Off”

→ Auto Power Off → “Off”


After these settings are initiated, please unplug the power from the display and repower the unit.

Mounting Instructions


Installation on a perpendicular wall ventilation requirements:
When installing on a perpendicular wall, a minimum space of 40mm is required between the wall surface and the display to allow for adequate ventilation.
Ambient temperature must be kept below 95 degrees F(35 C).




Installation in a recessed wall ventilation requirements:

When installing the display recessed or indented into a wall, please follow the above guidelines for adequate ventilation space.


Installation in a custom surround or enclosure: 

Please coordinate with Zero-In on an per-case basis.


Self-Install Disclosure

Upon receipt of your displays from Zero-In, please confirm that all packaging is without defect. If shipping containers have punctures, cuts, dents or other defects, note with the delivery agent. Failure to do so will result in any warranty claims being void, should the display have been damaged in shipment.

Prior to mounting the display for the first time, please power on the unit and inspect for any defect/damage (a physical power rocker is located near the power inlet). If a defect or damage is found and there were no corresponding defects in the packing material, please document with images and forward to your Zero-In Installation Coordinator immediately. Your Installation Coordinator will require images of the defect as well as the serial number located on the back of the display. Additionally, images of all sides of the shipping container may be required; please do not dispose of the packaging until the display is confirmed as 100% functional.