9 Tips For Creating The Most Effective Digital Signage

Compelling digital signage can reach more consumers than the Internet

Digital signage reaches more Americans than Facebook or the Internet. Yes, you read that statistic right. More than 70 percent of people 12 and older remember seeing a digital video display in a public venue over the past month, compared to 43 percent on the Internet and 41 percent on Facebook, according to research by SalonSense Media. People also pay more attention to digital displays than traditional, static signs, with digital signage capturing 400 more views,  according a study by Intel.

Digital signage is a convenient, compelling, and cost-effective way for companies to reach a captive audience of passers-by who don’t have even have to be motivated to click to watch their advertising. Of course, installing a digital sign is not enough – companies must learn to effectively drive engagement with their system. Follow these tips to help you design engaging digital communications:

  • Define your goal. Are you opening a new location, promoting a special sale or hyping an upcoming event? Try to focus on delivering one key message – too much information can overload and distract your viewers.
  • Know your audience. Digital signage must be carefully crafted to appeal to your targeted viewers, or they won’t bother to stop and watch. The same communication strategies won’t always work on different groups or venues.
  • 8 is the magic number. The rise of digital communications has dropped the average person’s attention span to eight seconds; marketers have limited time to capture the attention of their intended audience. That means less is more: don’t clutter your digital signage with useless images and text. The most successful visual communications are concise, memorable and easy to understand. Important information like dates, phone numbers and websites should be delivered up front.
  • Choose color wisely. Using too many colors or the wrong colors together can be off-putting. Teenagers shopping in a retail store may enjoy wild color combinations, but those same displays may seem garish to travelers at an airport who only want basic information like flight schedules.
  • Make sure there is enough contrast. Contrast between the background and foreground of your sign is one of the most important factors for easy reading at any distance. White text on a dark background delivers the best results, and colored text on a bright background should be avoided.
  • Pick fonts that are easy to read. Digital signage is a visual medium, so it’s always better to choose images over text when possible. When you do decide to use text, don’t get caught up in the wide array of fonts, sizes and colors you can choose from. Fonts should be simple and legible – especially from a distance – and allow viewers to quickly understand your message. The family of serif fonts are widely considered to be the easiest to read.
  • Don’t overdo movement. Human eyes are attracted to motion, so animation, creative editing and video can be effective ways to drive engagement with digital signs. But be careful not to let these features make it harder to read and comprehend your message. Viewers need enough time to read text, so make sure movement isn’t too abrupt. Consider keeping your logo and other important features on the screen at all times without motion, and animating an element that has a strong and easily-identifiable silhouette.
  • Include a call to action. The best digital signage engages viewers with an opportunity to participate, such as Like Us on Facebook or Text This Number To Start Earning Rewards. These calls to action tell viewers exactly what you want them to do after absorbing your message.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. One of the primary goals of digital signage is to entertain. Humor is a great way to transform your content from ordinary to attention-grabbing.

Nearly 70 percent of consumers say digital signage influences them to purchase new products, and 44 percent said it convinces them to buy an advertised product over one they originally had in mind, according to a study by Nielsen Media Research. Digital communications are an effective way to drive sales and increase audience awareness, as long as they are used properly. Following our tips can help businesses create dynamic digital signage that captures the attention of consumers.

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